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Choosing a Treatment Plan for Psoriasis Skin Care

From our extensive experiences going through psoriasis treatments, there are internal and external treatments. Generally with psoriasis we have found that the easier and faster the internal treatment, the more risks there are for complications and side effects. For example, one type of regular pill or shot may work over time to clear the skin, but it also may make the skin worse or cause side effect/s. These are the best two lotions to moisturize psoriasis.

On the other hand, external treatments which consist of phototherapy, creams, lotions, and/or ointments may take longer to deal with, applying once or more per day depending on the treatment. Usually the more mild the treatment, the more often it may need to be applied.

We wouldn't say one treatment or another is better for everyone. It is important to work closely with your doctor, understand time involved for each treatment, possible side effects, long term usage information, etc.

Dealing with Psoriasis Over the Holidays

Psoriasis can often be tough to deal with any time of year. But, it can be even more difficult during the holidays when not only are emotions sometimes magnified but temperatures colder. Often when temperatures are colder, and daylight less, psoriasis can get worse. Ever wonder why there may be less psoriasis on one's face? Most likely sunlight. Phototherapy can help, but it is also very important to remember to take care of other areas of the body. For example, put on any moisturizers, prescribed creams / lotions / ointments, and follow any other directions from your doctor. Psoriasis doesn't just go away. It is generally with a person for life. Often hereditary or starting at a random point, psoriasis is necessary in most cases to keep under control (unless it just goes away in rare cases). I think of it like a strong guy keeping in shape or a woman putting on makeup. It is just something to take care of and maintain, not something to let take care of you. These are the best two lotions to moisturize psoriasis.

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