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How I Won the Battle with Psoriasis (by Anonymous)

I was suffering from mild Psoriasis from March 2003 till July 2005. Then I observed the disease had spread all over the body. Even, after spending more than $ 5000 on the treatment cure was not in sight. I took over the counter drugs such as lotions, shampoos. Herbal oils, prescribed drugs and herbal oils which were very expensive. Disappointment set in.

I also used coal tar, derivatives of Vitamin D3, anthraxlin and coritisone creams for more than two years but the Psoriasis kept getting worse. I was constantly embarrassed in public places and my place of work. I also had great physical discomfort.

Once while I was on a train a lady co passenger asked me about the red patches on my hands. I was embarrassed to tell her that I suffered from Psoriasis. I was advised by her to visit Extraordinary Medication Foundation in Australia. I took all my case papers and prescriptions and went to Extraordinary Medication Foundation.

At Extraordinary Medication Foundation my treatment commenced with cleansing gels herbal shampoos and ointments. I was also given hydration essence along with herbal tablets and capsules. I was on a strict diet and my stress levels managed well.

Right in the beginning I got relief from the gels and ointments. After a log time I experienced undisturbed sleep. Within a few days my improvement was quite visible. My hands and skin are more or less back to normal. There are no red patches.

It is great to be normal again. I now have a radiant skin. During the course of the treatment I have also adopted natural holistic approach to deal with the disease. I have regained my peace of mind and have a healthy life style.

Based on my personal experience I would recommend treatment at the Extraordinary Medication Foundation for patients of Psoriasis. Immense benefits will be accrued. I thank all people involved in the research to cure Psoriasis.

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