The 7 Least Commonly used Psoriasis Treatments Today

Some types of treatment for Psoriasis have side effects which are very severe. These side effects occur due to resistance to other types of treatment. These should be used for short durations only and replaced by other types of treatments.

1. Sandimmune

This drug is taken orally. It is often used in case of organ transplants to achieve suppression of the immune system in the recipient. This drug has not been approved by the FDA. It is used only as an experimental drug.

2. Retinoids

It consists of Vitamin A. It may help patients of Psoriasis who have not responded to other therapies. It reduces the reproduction of skin cells in affected areas. This drug is used sparingly. It can cause defects in new born babies. Women who have taken this medicine should not plan on having children for at least three years.

3. Azathioprine

This is a strong drug which is anti inflammatory. It is used for severe Psoriasis if other therapies have failed. It can cause side effects like blood disorders or cancerous as well as non cancerous growth. It is also known to cause vomiting and nausea.

4. Methotrexate

This is an oral drug. It suppresses inflammation of skin cells and is also known to have reduced the production of allergy causing substances. Small doses may not have side effects. It can cause severe side effects such as damage of the liver and a reduction of regeneration of white blood cells, platelets and red blood cells.

5. Cyclosporine.

This drug is known to suppress the immune system like methotrexate. Such like drugs which are immunosuppressant, are known to expose you to infection risks and related health problems which may include cancer. It can also cause high blood pressure and problems of the kidney.

6. Hydroxyurea

Although not as effective as methotrexate and cyclosporine this drug can be taken along with other treatment like phototherapy. Anemia can be one of the side effects. It is also known to decrease platelets and white blood cells. It must be avoided by ladies planning child birth or pregnant mothers.

7. Immunomodulator drugs

A number of immunomodulator drugs have been approved. They are to be used for moderate or severe Psoriasis. These drugs are extracted from natural resources. However they do have same risks associated such as other immunosuppressant drugs.