Psoriasis Treatments Available at the Dead Sea

The river Jordan and its tributaries drain into the Dead Sea. It has no outlet and can also be termed a lake. Its water is most saline in the world. Evaporation loses occur in the sea water due to hot atmosphere. Therefore the concentration of salts and minerals in the water is very high. It contains 12 unique minerals not found anywhere else in ocean waters and 9 other minerals. These are salts of chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals. These minerals provide nourishment to the skin, heal rheumatic diseases and are good for the circulatory and digestive systems. These are our favorite creams or lotions to help with psoriasis.

Dead Sea is having number of sanatoriums, spas and health resorts. These specialize in treatment of various disorders of the skin. The treatment for Psoriasis here is a complete solution for cure as well as preventing re occurrence. The Dead Sea Health Resort is the best in the world for treating Psoriasis. What makes Dead Sea such a successful place for treatment is:

1. The Atmosphere here is very dense as the place is 400 Meters below the sea level. High contents of Bromine in the dense air filter out the UVB from sun rays. Therefore you can expose your skin for longer durations to sunlight. Risk of sun burns is reduced. Content of oxygen is also higher by 5% than at other places. These factors at the Dead Sea also lead to reduced stress levels. This is very beneficial for Psoriasis.

2. Water has very high salt content. Each litre contains about .345 Kg of salt. The high mineral content of potassium, sodium, calcium and manganese endow the water with many healing qualities. Skin Disorders like Eczema. Psoriasis and Vitiligo can be cured.

3. Additional Factors. Treatment at the Dead Sea also bestows psychological advantage. Patients have reported experiencing relief from embarrassment and nervousness. Patients arrive at the Dead Sea hoping to get cured. Patients are overjoyed at slightest improvement and report reduced their stress levels. Thus their recovery is hastened.

Other factors leading to a faster recovery are as given in succeeding paragraphs.

Thalassotherapy: Thalasso means sea in greek language. Thalassotherapy is one of the methods used for treating Psoriasis. Thalassotherapy involves use of mud baths, aromatherapy, underwater showers, algae wraps and hydro massage. This helps in cleaning and toning the skin. Skin improves in quality and the quantity of dead cells reduces.

Balneotherapy: This method consists of bathing in cold or water containing rich minerals such as silica, radium and selenium. Moving water is used for massaging the skin. Water is also consumed for obtaining selenium which can easily be absorbed to provide quicker healing.

Natural methods such as herbal oils, lotions, coal tar and shampoos are also used at the Dead Sea resorts.

The combination of water, climate and sunlight is unique at the Dead Sea. The most important factor is the sun. Four weeks stay for treatment by sunlight and bathing at the Dead Sea is recommended.